Who WE Are


Queendom Academy offers creative, immersive, experiential, in-person and online learning curriculum for all BEings who are ready to experience True Love, Pleasure and Purpose. These de-programs are deeply connective, nourishing, radically inclusive and unlike any on Earth.  They gently guide us from our producing, doing, “make it happen” minds, and into the power of FEELing & BEing in a FLOW state of heart, body and Spirit; deeply aligned with Nature and all things.

These transformative experiences give us a supportive and Sacred space where we are given permission and the keys to unlock our greatest potential, shine our brightest light and become the most loving, pleasure-filled version of ourself.

You will receive tangible tools to connect with and trust your feelings, intuition and empathetic abilities (super powers) while discovering your Truth, Purpose and personal Genius.

We at Queendom Academy are open to all BEings with no judgment of color, race or sex, whether indigenous, melanated or white, whether you love men, women, both, neither or anything in-between and beyond. Whether you identify as gay, straight, non binary, transgender or still trying to find the words.

YOU are welcome here.

Our commUnities span financial classes, locations and generations. They come from different upbringings and faiths, or none. They’ve all experienced love, loss, trauma, tears, laughter, joy and pleasure and have been shaped by life;  just like you. And through their multitude of different experiences, they become one another’s teachers, guides, mentors, best friends and chosen family. A transformational commUNITY of siblings, committed to supporting each other to RISE together through the power of LOVE.  

We respect, honor and balance the Divine masculine and feminine energies within us all.

Together, we remember the Truth; WE are LOVE, We Are One. One Nation. One Tribe. One Family. One LOVE.